egli grün ag

Campaign / Brand Character / Mascot / Brand Ambassador

Art Direction, Concept Development, Text (Campaign-Claim)

Among other things, a brand ambassador for Egli Grün was developed,onewho makes himself heard tothe relevant target group in an unconventional way, and anchors the positioning messages in people’s minds.

Hardly any other subject is better suited as a brand ambassador for a horticultural company than the garden gnome. As a widely known lawndweller, he knows his garden best.

Our garden gnome however is a little different. Well dressed, eloquent, charming and witty, he represents the high standards of our target group.

Of course, garden gnomes are demandingof their garden andare not easily satisfied. This is especially true for ours and naturally, ashe is only satisfied with the best, Egli Grün is his first choice.


Realization: Kompost

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